Our AI & NLP technology powers en.news.

Today’s news on CNN becomes today’s English lessons. For free.

What is en.news?

Real-world English pulled from today’s headlines

Improve your English with lessons based on CNN’s world-class news and information.

Personalized learning

Choose the lessons that interest you and match your English skill level. Save and review what you’ve learned in your notebook. Earn badges and advance levels while keeping track of your progress on the leaderboard.

Free and effective

en.news is 100% free. Take as many lessons as you want every day. Each high-quality lesson builds English skills including vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation and more.

How is en.news different?

Relevant real-world content

Each lesson is based in authentic content—the world-class news and information on CNN—and organized in sections that match the needs and interests of learners. This makes the learning experience personalized and relevant. No nonsensical sentences or made-up stories.

New lessons every day

Today’s news becomes today’s lessons on en.news, with new lessons published on a daily basis. That’s like giving the world a new English textbook every day. For free.

Unlimited learning for free

Learning a language is a lifelong journey and on en.news, learners can return as often as they want to take as many lessons as they want. There’s no “end of a book” or “end of a course” which means the learning never ends.

Part of a daily routine

en.news combines the habit of consuming news, checking sports scores and staying on top of the world of entertainment with the utility of learning English.

NLP Technology

The en.news lessons are created using Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology based on WeSpeke’s patent-pending Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning software. This innovative use of AI makes it possible for today’s news and information to instantly become today’s English lessons.

Global demand for English

English certification

en.news can help you get a better score on English tests like the TOEFL®, IELTS, or TOEIC®. Our Test Prep lessons feature authentic topic-based content with activities that build key language skills.

Career advancement

Companies see English as an essential skill, valuing and promoting employees who can communicate in English. Learning English can be a career- and life-changing experience for professionals around the world.

Disruptive technologies

The #1 sector in the fast-changing world of educational technology is ELT (English Language Teaching). With the growth of mobile devices, learning is accessible anytime and anywhere.

One billion+

More than one billion people are learning English today. In 2020, the global digital English market will be worth $3.8 billion, with a growth rate of 6.2%.